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Peace One Day Global Truce 2012

Posted on 15 September 2012

International Peace Day 21 September in support of Peace One Day and the Global Truce 2012 campaign.


A first for Notting Hill, 12 talented contemporary artists from all over the world are joining together and acting as a collective voice to create awareness for Peace Day 2012.

The Notting Hill Exhibition Peace One Day

Notting Hill will become a gallery space where 20 stores located on and around world famous Portobello Road, Westbourne Grove, Golborne Road and All Saints Road will show their participation by offering their windows to be painted on or to be the display areas for Peace themed artworks.

The aim of this event will be to not only show and capture the power of public art in the community, but also hope to introduce the potential influence that enterprises can have for this one day of Peace in the years to come.

There will be an authentic piece of art exhibited at each of the 20 stores (including both of our salons), for one week from the 21st September to the 30th September.

The artwork has been specially designed and created for this unique Notting Hill exhibition for Peace. 

In our Golborne Road salon we are exhibiting this beautiful piece for Peace by Caroline Kha, who will also be painting doves on our windows on the 21st September, International Peace Day.

Caroline Kha Dove

Caroline Kha, 'Flight', Oil on canvas

Visiting the Notting Hill Exhibition on the 21st of September will show your support for this one day of ceasefire and non-violence – the Global Truce 2012 campaign.

“I think getting shops to allow their windows to be painted is a simple, effective, original idea, and I can imagine that if you get enough shops side by side doing it, could really look impressive and be another Notting Hill first. The idea with PoD is that people take the initiative and find their own ways to express Peace and I think Debut Contemporary have come up with a brilliant one.”  Richard Reed – Innocent Drinks and Patron for Peace One Day.

Online Gallery opens 21 September

Kell’s new profession?

Posted on 30 October 2011

In September, Kell was able to combine his passion for photography with his love of cycling when he was invited by Cycle Sport magazine to the Professional Cycling World Time Trials in Copenhagen as a guide for their editorial team and as a photographer.

They were so happy with Kell and Oliver’s photos (Oliver is Kell’s nephew who is working as a photographer’s assistant in Copenhagen) that they have published a stunning 10 page spread in this month (December’s) Cycle Sport magazine.

CycleSport Magazine