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Posted on 5 June 2015


During June we will be receiving lunch deliveries from Danish Eatery Snaps + Rye.

Simply pre order your food with Snaps + Rye by 9am on the day of your appointment and it will be delivered to the salon by 11.30am, where it can be stored in the fridge if necessary until you arrive.

When you are ready to order – simply send an email to eat@snapsandrye.com  –  don’t forget to tell them which day you are coming in and what time your appointment is.  Payment will then be made when you settle your bill at the salon.

Takeaway Menu

All served on Homemade Rye Bread – No Wheat / No Yeast

Salmon – House cured salmon, gravadlax sauce, dill    £3.70

Potato – 
Jersey new potatoes, crispy onions, mayonnaise   £2.80

Avocado – chillies, lime, shallots £3.80

Danish chicken salad – asparagus, mushroom, bacon   £4.70                       

Herring – 
House marinated herring, horseradish & red onion compote  £3.90

Egg – 
Clarence court eggs, roast tomatoes cress, curry mayonnaise   £2.80     

Prawns – citrus dressing, lettuce   £3.85




Home Cured Var Salmon 
Beetroot, horseradish   £5.50

Salad Of House Cured Herring 
Potato, spring onion creme fraiche, wild garlic radish  £5.50



Salad Of Home Cured Roast Var Salmon, Gem lettuce, anchovy, green peppercorn dressing,
rye croutes, parmesan   £11.50

Pork + Veal Frikadeller – Meatballs  Jerusalem artichoke + apple puree sauté potato,
onion + kornblomst blue   £9.00

Warm Mushroom, Almond + Pistachio Paté On toasted rye, scorched asparagus,
poached clarence court duck egg  £10.00




Plate Of Pickles   £2.95      

New Potatoes In Lovage Butter   £2.95

Rye + Danish Cheese   £2.95

Homemade Rye   £1.75




Gammeldags ÆBlekage 
Apple layer cake, compote, cinnamon brandy crumb  £4.80

Liquorice Meringue, Cream, Syrup £4.50

Danish Pastry Apricot + Almond Baked Custard Pudding 
Served cold with cream  £5




Cinnamon Roll  £2.50

Apricot Spandauer  £2.50

Vanilla Spandauer  £2.50




Botanically brewed  £2.95

Rose Lemonade 
Botanically brewed £2.95

Curiosity Cola 
Botanically brewed £2.95

Ginger Beer 
Botanically brewed £2.95

Botanically brewed £2.95

SEALAND BIRK – Birch Water




Blueberry £2.20  

Ginger & Lime 





Cocio Chocolate Milk   £2.20

Matilde Cold Chocolate Milk £1.90




Tuborg  £4.00

Mikeller Danish Craft Beer – American Dream  £6.50

Severn Cider Medium  £4.50

Severn Perry £4.50



SNAPS + RYE • 93 GOLBORNE ROAD • LONDON • W10 5NL • 020 8964 3004

On The Bottle – Bob Tyrer’s Last Column – Sunday Times Magazine

Posted on 1 September 2014

On the bottle: farewell — let the good wines roll Don’t shun old faithfuls. Valpolicella and soave, which helped Britain limp through the 1970s, have stylish north Italian verve.

Bob Tyrer Published: 10 August 2014

“It’s time to say goodbye. I started writing this column in 2009 as the Great Slump hit us, and now it’s over I’ve decided to stop. Here’s what I’ve learnt in that time.

Always trust a wine with a pig on the label. Pigs are unpretentious: the wine will be an honest product of the land.

Although there are tasty bargains under £9, the best quality-for-value for a stimulating bottle lies at £10-£16 — an honest return on a well-made product.

Wines from the unfashionable old world (muscadet, beaujolais, St Péray, moselle) have more to say than new.

Buy obscure champagne for £20-£25 from a hard-working wine merchant (eg, Lea & Sandeman), store for a year to develop flavour and decant for even more flavour. It doesn’t have to be champagne. Sparkling wine from the Jura and Limoux is joyous and closer to £10 than £20.

Not all prosecco tastes of cardboard filtration pads. Try the Bele Casel range (£12.95-plus at Berry Bros & Rudd).

Biodynamics — lunar cycles, cow horns, dung and potions — creates reliably good wine. No one knows why.

Don’t shun old faithfuls. Valpolicella and soave, which helped Britain limp through the 1970s, have stylish north Italian verve.

Buy cru bourgeois bordeaux from the miraculously fresh-tasting 2010 vintage to drink now and over the next 10 years. Try Château Beaumont (£13.46, Justerini & Brooks).

Don’t be afraid to go mad. My best memory is of drinking a bottle of vintage Dom Pérignon as its temperature rose from ice-cold to warm over two hours and the flavour mutated from seaweed through white truffles to marmalade. 

That’s it. I will miss everyone: readers, wine writers, wine PRs (there’s no PR like a wine PR), wine merchants, winemakers, sommeliers. What can be finer than the fellowship of the grape? Thank you.”


Three of the best
The Hedonist Shiraz 2012 McLaren Vale
Smooth, dark, biodynamic, pig-labelled,  South Australian red with a lively snap of acidity (£13.99, Waitrose)
Valpolicella Allegrini 2013
Refreshing, bright cherries with zip and savouriness. A bottle goes quickly, so open another (£9.95, The Wine Society)
Dom Perignon 2004
Hyper-pricy, but a remarkable wine that will go on evolving its multiple flavours for 10-plus years (£689.94 for six, Tesco Wine by the Case)