{Lovely Family}

Max and Blue

At Kell Skött Haircare you will be welcomed by our adorable Cocker Spaniel, Blue. He is very loving, a little cheeky and never tires of being stroked. He has his own range of dog “furcare” products and his own blog. Blue is getting on a bit now and turns 12 in July of this year. He recently lost his Brother and Best Buddy Max, seen pictured left. Max died aged 14 in March 2013. He was a big part of not just Blue’s life, but also meant a lot to everyone who worked with him, and also many of our clients. He will be sorely missed

5 goods reasons to love our dogs:

  • They will give you unconditional love back
  • Stroking dogs reduces stress and blood pressure
  • When you are feeling blue – they don’t try to find out why
  • They can count – try putting 3 dogs biscuits in your pocket, then give them only 2
  • Dogs are not our whole lives, but they make our lives whole
max and blue


Homemade chocolate brownies

Our homemade chocolate brownies, which are lovingly made by salon owner Jacqueline are much loved and go perfectly alongside our extensive selection of complimentary teas and coffees. Our brownies have become so popular; they have been written about in magazines and are highly praised in our client reviews.

5 goods reasons to eat our brownies:

  • They taste delicious
  • They are made with love
  • Chocolate is cheaper than therapy
  • They will make you smile and guarantee Blue will sit next to you
  • They are just the right size, a little bit of chocolate is good for you
homemade chocolate brownies